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The Best Seasons For Hosting a Whitsunday Wedding

The Best Seasons For Hosting a Whitsunday Wedding
on 01 September 2021 in Events & Entertainment

Crystalline turquoise waters washing against silica white sands with expansive blue skies that stretch across the horizon to meet with the ocean, the Whitsundays is undeniably a sight to be witnessed firsthand. 

And you wouldn’t believe it if we told you that the best season to host a Whitsunday Wedding is in Winter. At this time of year, day time is still lovely with temperature rarely going below 25 degrees Celsius and hovering just beneath the 20 degree mark at night. Compare this with the shivering single digit temperatures you’ll get in the southern states like in Sydney or Melbourne and you’ll consider yourself blessed in the Whitsundays during winter.

Here are some reasons why winter works to the advantage of a Whitsunday wedding.

1. Grab an accommodation deal

So long as you avoid the July and September school holidays, you can pretty much guarantee a great accommodation deal this time of year. Winter months tend to be quieter, meaning you and your guests will be met with better deals for accommodation. From award winning caravan parks to 5 star luxury accommodation, have a browse at the Tourism Whitsunday website for Whitsunday accommodation options.

You’ll also be able to grab local day tour savings for adventures after the wedding to the benefit of both you and your guests.

2. Beautiful weather

With water temperatures still above 20 degrees Celsius this time of year, the tropical weather certainly has a positive vibe, especially for those who come from down South.

Backed with clear skies and light winds, the weather conditions are perfect for those looking to explore the 74 Whitsunday islands by boat. With day tours and overnight trips departing all year round, you won’t miss out on all the fun just because it’s winter.

Days are warm, there’s minimal rain between May and September, giving you the best climate to marry in wonderfully warm temps ideal for wedding gowns and three pieced suits. 

3. It’s Whale time

From the beginning of June, get ready to capture the magnificent sight of the annual Humpback whale migration as they head to the warm waters in the Whitsundays to give birth to their young. A whale encounter is truly magical, and with the frequent routines followed by an experienced local guide, your wedding adventure could include seeing a whale in winter.

4. Spectacular sunsets

The winter sun at the Whitsundays sets a lot lower in the sky, casting an incredible pinky orange hue as the sun sets upon the waters horizon.

A spectacular view for amazing sunsets is none other than the balconies of the Grand View Hotel in Bowen. With unparalleled waterfront views backed by an atmosphere you won’t want to leave, there isn’t a reason to not have your wedding here.

5. Even better photography

There is just something about the lighting during winter in the Whitsundays. Vibrant blue skies that lend a crisp to the already magnificent water views are followed by amazing sunsets with natural backdrops that create a romantic ambiance hard to be missed.

Local Whitsunday photographers are very adept in taking the best pictures with this lighting advantage, giving you the best opportunity to capture magical moments on your special day.

Planning your Whitsunday Wedding

From couture wedding gowns, an amazing selection of seasonal flowers, fresh and local gourmet dishes, a Whitsunday Wedding is a dream come true.

And there isn’t a better place to celebrate it than at the Grand View Hotel in Bowen.

Bearing grand magnificent (which is already apparent in its name), the establishment holds so much history and value that it featured in the film “Australia” starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

Unbeatable waterfront views surround the Grand View Hotel, giving you the best sceneries of the Whitsundays.

Beyond the stunning location comes the exceptional customer service from the Grand View Hotel team. Renowned for delivering excellence in food, drink and service, the team here are experienced in tailoring your event just the way you like it. From ensuring a smooth flowing function to meeting your personal desires and working within budget, the high standard of commitment delivered will surely impress.

With chefs that are constantly busy curating fresh wedding menus, there is an extensive selection of food packages to suit your wants and budget based on your wedding requirements. Whatever it is, you’ll be glad to know that the Functions Manager will work hard to meet your needs.

Those planning their wedding in North Queensland will be thrilled to hear about the Townsville wedding expo happening on 7 November. Featuring some of Queensland’s best (and most sought after) wedding professionals, you can be sure to catch the Grand View Hotel team at the event! 

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