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Tips for Fashions on the Field this Melbourne Cup

Tips for Fashions on the Field this Melbourne Cup
on 15 September 2022 in Events & Entertainment

Excitement is at its peak as everyone is at the edges of their seats in anticipation for the 2022 Melbourne Cup. The famed and fortuned will be back in full swing for Fashions on the Field.

And chances are, you’ll probably be attending an event that requires you to dress up in Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field style, which is more the reason to learn and put these tips into action this year.

Celebrity Fashion

One of the smart ways of seeing how you can make an impact on Melbourne Cup fashion is by observing what celebrities did with their style.

The Melbourne Cup has attracted many celebrities in the past, including Gigi Hadid, Paris Hilton, Musca Barton, Enrique Iglesias, Snoop Dog and even Usain Bolt.

Gigi Hadid attended Flemington in a pink frock boasting a turtle neckline that had a sheer layer of fabric underneath with a flare of ruffles. Paired with a beautiful pink Chanel bag and elegant matching shoes to complete the look, her style was certainly bold and bright.

So if you’re looking to make a statement and love the idea of emulating a celebrity, check out what celebrities wore to Flemington in past Melbourne Cup events.

Melbourne Cup Birdcage Fashion

An exclusive enclosure reserved for celebrities, models, tycoons and high society individuals, the Birdcage is where all eyes will be when the races aren’t happening. Think fashion labels, champagne houses, luxury cars and all other high-end brands launching extravagant marquees – oh, and don’t forget the swarms of paparazzi too.

With all the social pressure, comes the need to look the part, which is why analysing what these high flyers are wearing to the Melbourne Cup will give you a good idea of what is the fashion of the time and place.

Noting that the Melbourne Cup dress code is “suitable racewear attire” for women and a jacket, slacks, shirt, and tie for men, the creativity comes in the bold and bright flairs with colours, patterns, and textures to bring life to their style.

Florals, Lace and Pastel for Melbourne Cup Oaks Day

The unofficial theme for Melbourne Cup Oaks Day is “feminine and floral” which typically involves a lighter touch in colour and flair with most fashion styles involving soft floral, lace and pastel prints for Kennedy Oaks. 

Monochrome for Victoria Derby Day

Marking the start of the Melbourne Cup, Derby Day is probably the most important event of the racing calendar, bringing forth the first opportunity for stylish attendees to show off their fashion and make a statement. On this day, tons of photographers can be found at the racecourse, snapping away at the best dressed.

When it comes to the fashion stakes of Derby Day, going monochrome seems to be the winner with most women wearing white and black while men dress in black and grey suits. The key to making a fashion statement is to find an exciting combination of white, grey and black that expresses your style and creativity. There are opportunities to explore colour by adding blue cornflowers to your outfit – which is the official flower of Derby Day.

Melbourne Cup fashion tips

The boldest and most adventurous outfits are saved for Melbourne Cup Day. This is where women go big, bright and bold with colours, textures and patterns topped by the best hat you can afford. Men are able to express their styles through colourful slacks, blazers and wearing understated suits brightened by colourful accessories.

It’s time to experiment matching contrasting colours, patterns and textures that don’t err on the side of casual.

When it comes to getting the style right, fashion lovers know that the very heart and soul of fashion comes down to personal style and expression. Making a statement with your headpiece is a smart way to bring up some boldness while maintaining Raceday elegance.

Those that plan on wearing corals should choose a subtle colour from your dress for your accessories. Shocking colours like neon yellow or red shoes are hard to pull off and should be avoided where possible.

It’s the subtle colours that help bring the outfit together, so nude tones like beige, grey, white or even metallic help bring out the stronger contrasts and vibes that you want to pop out.

Wearing block colour from head to toe allows you to be more creative with your accessories like your shoes, bag and hat. For example, a mustard yellow tone can look fabulous when paired against white accessories or vice versa.

Exploring hats and fascinators 

A traditional must, hats and fascinators are worn towards the right side of your head with a slight tilt forward. 

When looking for the right fascinator, focus on the base, the feather or flower and the netting. These elements need to harmonise and balance in a fascinator to look amazing.

Picking the right dress 

Your dress on Melbourne Cup Day should be bright, colourful, and even a bit daring. Acknowledging the festivity of the event, bold and bright colours have always been welcomed.

Going vogue with black and white is more of a Derby Day style, while the Spring Carnival often screams vibrancy and colour. At the end of the day, choosing the right dress comes down to preference, style and comfort with the need for your dress to fit you well while being comfortable to wear.

Choosing your accessories

Race days often demand a shoulder clutch or purse instead of a handbag or anything larger. The aim is to create contrast with your attire, focusing on your shoes, bag and hat.

Bag and shoes don’t have to match, but rather should have a sense of tone when forming your overall look. Sunglasses are a must when you’re on the racecourse as you won’t want to be squinting your way around.

What to wear on Melbourne Cup Day for men

The rules are stricter for men when attending at Flemington. You must wear a shirt and tie and can choose to wear a suit, slacks or chinos, a blazer or sports coat. You must wear dress shoes but luckily for you there are no rules on socks so you can flaunt those sexy ankles if you’d like.

To stand out in style would be going for a classically tailored suit topped with a few bright accessories such as a tie, tie clip and a pocket square. Some fashion statements have included bolder clashes of colour, textures and patterns and you could even consider three piece suits or a double breasted two piece finished with designer shades. Lapel pins are popular and should complement your suit.

What to do on Melbourne Cup Day when in the Whitsundays

If you happen to be at the Whitsundays on Melbourne Cup Day, you won’t want to miss out on parading your best dress at the Grand View Hotel in Bowen.

Featuring a bold and bright theme, the Grand View Hotel will be hosting a fashion parade by MMoka, promising excitement, fun and a whole bunch of style with prizes and rewards to be won.

Watch the race in glory while enjoying a cold one by the bar or head to the restaurant for delectable dishes that will make your Melbourne Cup Day an experience to be remembered.

Check out What’s On at the Grand View Hotel in Bowen to be a part of something special. 

Image credit: The Market Herald