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Throwing the Ultimate Christmas Party

Throwing the Ultimate Christmas Party
on 01 October 2021 in Events & Entertainment

When it comes to Christmas, the more meaningful it is, the better the experience will be which is why your Christmas Party should be focused on creating meaningful memories. It also means that you’ll inevitably have a blast with your nearest and dearest people.

If you’re looking to host an unforgettable Christmas party this year, you definitely won’t want to overlook these entertaining ideas that will have your guests reminiscing in fondness for years.

Set a Christmas Party theme

Choosing a theme will help you plan things out more efficiently. It’ll also give you the opportunity to set your holiday decorations apart from other Christmas celebrations.

You may have heard of the ugly sweater party where everyone wears an ugly sweater in jest of the amusing tradition, but what about a beach themed Christmas party to rock the tables a bit? Complete this vibe with cosmopolitan cocktails made from high quality Australian vodka coupled with pineapples and beach balls, and you’ll have yourself a treat. 

You could even set your theme based on a colour scheme such as white, silver and gold, and request for your guests to dress accordingly.

Having a themed Christmas party helps everything jive together nicely, meaning amazing photos capturing spectacular and memorable moments.

Organisation is key

You’ll need to get yourself organised and figure out how big your event is going to be – do you want a large get together or an intimate setting? The earlier you make your decision, the better your Christmas planning will be in its early stages.

Begin with creating your guest list and a to do list at least two weeks before your event. If your guests are busy people or live a while away, you’ll definitely need to give them more time to RSVP their attendance so that they can make the necessary arrangements to be there. If your guests are offering to bring things to the party, you may wish to delegate some tasks to allow them to assist with planning or preparing for the party and make them feel involved.

Consider having a photo booth

Whether you rent a photo booth or set one up yourself, having a photo booth at your Christmas party will help liven things up as guests become more creative with fun photos that are Christmas themed. Dress the area up a bit in theme with some holiday patterned tablecloth hanging as a backdrop followed by some fun Christmas props such as giant candy canes, Santa hats and beards, sunglasses and moustaches, green elf hats and ears will surely spark extra joy in the air.

Open up your bar to be self-serve

You don’t have to be the designated bar person by opening up the bar as a self-serve beverage station, which will give you the time to mingle with your guests.

Whether it’s pre-made holiday cocktails or a fruity punch in a beverage dispenser, there are plenty of ways to make your life easier while keeping your guests content. Be sure to line up glassware for your guests along with a small card detailing what drinks are inside the beverage dispensers. Wine can be easily displayed on the table with a corkscrew not far from reach. You can also set up a similar beer station, depending on the crowd and their preferences. Having a cooler filled with ice and a scoop will come in handy especially in the summer heat.

The more self-serve options you provide, the more you will be able to relax and have fun with your guests. Don’t forget to replenish your glassware during the party, otherwise purchase lots of plastic cups that can guarantee drinkware throughout the party. 

Go for finger foods not a sit down meal

Small bites and finger foods are a fun way to celebrate a Christmas party, with the opportunity to create aesthetically beautiful spreads that are yummy and irresistible while not risking creating big meals that may not suit a guest’s taste. Finger foods can be made quite quickly and can include foods such as fruit and cheese platters, antipasto plates, mixed nuts and crackers, hummus and dip, toasted pita and garlic bread slices, to name a few.

Having a wide spread of small bites also gives leeway for guests with dietary restrictions, allowing them to enjoy options that they would not otherwise have in a sit down setting.

Don’t forget the music

Given how we are in the Christmas spirit, it’s time to create a holiday playlist filled with the classics such as Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, and other artists that suit the vintage elegance. Some Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé will also do you well given their renowned Christmas soundtracks.

If you’re scratching your head for ideas, turn the table to your guests and let them help you pick some tunes to play on that special day.

Have a designated dessert table

Don’t forget that Christmas is often a time of year filled with sweets, lollies and sensational dessert delights. So do yourself some justice and have a Christmas party with a designated dessert table displaying Christmas cookies, decorated gingerbread men, candy canes, pudding and pie, and more. Lay desserts in elegant trays and put candies in cupcake cups to elevate the presentation. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your guests’ hearts will swoon over the dessert table with a little effort.

Feeling overwhelmed? 

If all of the above sounds a tad overwhelming to you, why not take the easy way out and host your Christmas party at the Grand View Hotel in Bowen?

Featuring mouth watering feasts that will have your guests salivating for more, our professional chefs have curated divine menus that bring out the best in an Aussie Christmas. Think succulent jumbo prawns, a perfectly cooked roast, thirst quenching cocktails, and so much more, it’s a Christmas party not to be forgotten.

Plus, if the Grand View Hotel is good enough for Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman in their classic Aussie film ‘Australia’, it definitely ought to be plenty good enough for your Christmas tribe.

Call the team at the Grand View Hotel on (07) 4786 4022 to find out more about booking your Christmas party and avoid disappointment.

Banner image credit: Redbook Mag