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How to Host The Most Memorable Event

How to Host The Most Memorable Event
on 01 November 2021 in Events & Entertainment

There are so many ways to host a memorable event. Whether it’s your first time hosting a party or you’ve hosted many events, the key is to create a vision for your event.

Your event theme should have multidimensionality. It should engage your guests’ minds and their senses. You should also plan food and décor that are multi-layered. 

If you want to make your party unforgettable, it’s time to think outside the box and we’ve got the perfect ideas to get you started.

Starting with a concept

To create a truly memorable event, start with a concept. It should be based on the type of guests you’re inviting. For example, if the event is a wedding reception, make it a themed wedding that incorporates elements reflective of your guests such as multicultural or colour-based. 

This will help your guests remember the event years later as they will be able to flashback into a theme and atmosphere. 

Being interactive and immersive

The best memories are often ones where you feel involved in the experience. From having good company that brings forth amazing conversations to engaging everyone through games and trivia, there are many ways to bring the party to life.

When planning seating, if your event is a sit down event, group people together based on how well they get along or how well you think they will get along (for those without a large group enough to fill the table). The more comfortable people are with others during the event, the better their memories will be to create a fun and memorable event.

Picking the right MC

The right MC (Masters of Ceremonies) is critical in kicking off your event properly. This person has to be a whiz with words and is great at engaging the crowd without appearing to try too hard.

Your MC should be able to give the guests a sense of comfort and excitement, as well as being able to coordinate activities throughout the event such as following the itinerary or setting up games. 

Your event location

The theme of your event should be unique and reflect your brand and idea. Even if it isn’t a corporate event, your brand is reflective of you and how you want to present yourself to the crowd. As for the venue, it should be well-lit, decorated according to theme, and offer a sense of comfort and luxury at the same time. The point is to create an atmosphere which will engage your audience and inspire them.

Without the proper venue space for your event, guests won’t be able to truly enjoy themselves despite your hard work of setting the place up in theme and decor. You’ll need to think about space for networking and wandering, alongside beautiful views to help make your event that much better.

The Grand View Hotel in Bowen fulfils your needs in making an event memorable. With the ability to cater to a range of functions such as sit down dining, cocktail parties, weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, corporate events, birthdays, Christmas parties, and so much more, our committed team are determined to work with your vision to create the ideal event. 

We’re renowned for delivering excellence in food and drink, backed by exceptional customer service that ensures a smooth flowing function, with your guests’ comfort and enjoyment always coming first. With waterfront views of the Whitsundays followed by plenty of space throughout the historical establishment for guests to explore, there will be no disappointment here.

Extensive food package selections are available to suit all budgets and are arranged to match your specific function requirements. The team is adaptable with the ability to tailor packages to meet your needs, with a magnificently curated menu whipped up by our professional chefs. 

Needless to say, an event experience at the Grand View Hotel in Bowen is a guaranteed memorable event.

A photo booth

Setting up a photo booth for guests to take quirky, fun photos is also a great way to engage everyone while helping them create their own everlasting memories. This could be as easy as setting up a tripod and camera followed by props and a backdrop for people to play around with, or you could go professional and have it as a Polaroid picture print where a professional is enlisted for the photo booth job. 

Hiring a pro will guarantee a smoother process for your guests, whereby everyone can get into the picture and bring home their own memorable prints of the event. It also means that lighting will be great, which is an important aspect in taking a good photo.

Live music

When the party is fun, the attendees will remember it for a long time. Which means adding some live entertainment to this mix will guarantee a good time as the beautiful music plays in the background. 

Planning well ahead of schedule

If you’re looking to make a good impression, you shouldn’t even think about making rushed decisions. Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead by starting your event planning early. Running out of time to plan an event will lead to stress and overwhelm, which will then lead to hurried decisions and settling.

From choice of venue to catering schedules and guest attendance, you’ll need to provide ample time for these important people to have clear schedules for your event.