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Planning the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Planning the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt
on 14 March 2021 in Events & Entertainment

If you’re looking to plan the ultimate Easter Egg Hunt that will thrill your little bouncing bunnies this year, you’ve come to the right place!

Purposed to make this year’s Easter Egg Hunt unforgettable, this guide to planning it right will prepare you from head to tail (Easter pun totally intended).

While Easter egg hunts are typically all about the chocolate eggs, there is the tradition of hiding and hunting brightly coloured and decorated hard boiled eggs that is coming back in trend.

All it takes is a little planning, some festive decorations, and a little sense of curiosity and wonder that will have you creating childhood memories to be cherished forever.

Creating the atmosphere

Set the mood right, and the kids are guaranteed to have a great time. A few small, but essential, details such as a DIY sign pointing to the starting area of the hunt can really hype up some excitement and create a sense of immersion into the experience.

You could go all out and create a wooden handmade sign using recycled fence paling nailed to pine struts, decorated with ribbons followed by hand painted words and coated with decking oil to make the sign weather resistant. Or, you could take the easy, lazier way out and do the whole thing in sturdy cardboard, spray some spray wax over it to make it weather resistant, and pop it up on the day of the hunt to avoid quick wear and tear.

Pick a colour for your decor

The theme is Easter, but the colour palette is entirely up to you. Whether you choose to work with the pastel vibes of Easter, or intend to make it super bunny themed, or even boy-ish for your little fella, or Princess Easter for your little girl, the world is your chocolate egg.

Just be sure to remain consistent with your choice so that the entire vibe and decorations will sync seamlessly together, making it totally awesome.

Brightly coloured and designed eggs 

While chocolate eggs are a favourite because of what’s inside, the real eye for attraction is in the mysteriousness of using hard boiled eggs that have been hand dyed in bright colours and then decorated on top for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Get the whole family involved in dyeing the eggs and decorating them the night before, and your kids will start feeling super amped up with anticipated before the big hunt day. 

Everybody loves clues

Take the fun a step further and throw in some clues for the kids to solve.

Simple clues such as a trail of big bunny footprints around the place, suggesting that the Easter Bunny himself was involved in the egg hiding, certainly will excite the little ones a lot.

All you have to do is dust some talcum powder using a simple cut out stencil of bunny feet and there you have it! The best part of this addition is how easy it is to wipe away the talcum powder once done.

Pretty baskets for the eggs

Little hands can’t hold many eggs, so you’ll definitely need to distribute some pretty little baskets that they can parade their finds with.

Small wicker baskets bought from the craft shop, and decorated with ribbons will give you the classic look. Otherwise, get your kids in on it and have them decorate their own baskets for a more personal touch.

Ready, get set, hunt!

Let your little ones explore and have fun, but be sure to keep a sharp eye on them just in case – especially if the area you’re using the egg hunt in isn’t one that you are extremely familiar with, such as a park as opposed to your own backyard.

Eggs in quite obvious places

As much as it is fun to set up a challenge for the little ones, don’t forget that they are after all only little, meaning they may not be as good at finding things.

Be sure to leave the eggs hidden in easy enough spots. Also, make sure you number the eggs and have a list or map written down of where your eggs are hidden so you can find any ones that weren’t found.

Hiding places like low hanging pot plants, planter boxes, flower beds, garden benches are great places to hide eggs from little ones.

Celebrate each find

Encouragement is the key to being the ultimate Easter Egg Hunt host. By celebrating every find, you keep spirits high, making the event more enjoyable for everyone. 

Think a bunch of fist bumps, high fives and Woohoos to keep them going! 

A craft corner for the end

The fun doesn’t have to end when the Hunt does. Set up a small craft corner for the kids to play with and paint their eggs with even more colour. 

Be sure to lay out sheets of craft paper to avoid the area being messed up from paint. Use non-toxic paints poured in little pots to make it easier for the kids to use.

Add chocolate to the event

Easter has become a lot to do with chocolate, so be sure to prep yourself up with plenty of chocolate eggs for all the kiddies after their hunt. Use it as a celebration to gift the winner with most eggs found, as well as a participation prize for all the other little ones who joined in on the fun.

Finishing with a bang

A well-planned Easter egg hunt doesn’t end when the hunting is over. After all, with all those hungry bellies worked up from all the running around, it’s time to fill them up!

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