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Planning Your Day Out at Bowen’s Summer Rugby 10’s

Planning Your Day Out at Bowen's Summer Rugby 10's
on 04 January 2021 in Events & Entertainment

The Bowen Summer 10s dates back to 2012 in effort to raise money for cancer research. Driven by Bryan Horstman, the founder of Bowen Summer 10s, his experience of losing his father to cancer led to his determination to raise funds for treatments for the disease.

Today, the Bowen Summer 10s Carnival has become an annual ritual for many teams in efforts to raise funds for local Bowen charities. Held every last February weekend, the excitement begins. Locals line up in support of their favourite teams and help them prepare for the big season ahead, all while having fun. 

This year, the Bowen Summer 10s is happening on 27 February 2021. The competition is open to all players registered in the Senior Rugby League, which ensures a weekend full of action packed excitement where locals will get the opportunity to experience senior rugby league playoffs in person. 

Interested teams are encouraged to place their nominations now, with enthusiastic competitors already securing their spot in the competition. Teams can nominate up to 20 players maximum. 

For the 2021 Bowen Summer 10s Carnival, team nominations are coming in hot and fast. The teams that have secured their places include the Youngbloods, Prise Memorial Team, Seagulls, Wolfpack Men’s and Ladies team, two men’s team from the Western Lions RLFC and one ladies team, and the Burdekin Old Boys who will be back to regain their glory of winning 6 out of 9 Summer 10s Carnivals after the trophy went to the Young Bucks last year. 

The Grand View Hotel has been sponsoring the event year after year and will be doing so again this 2021. Cash prizes will be available for the winner and runner up of the Bowen Summer 10s Carnival. 

Alongside the main event comes the Dash for Cash competition where the winner lands themselves a good prize too. But best of all, the biggest winner of the day is also the local charity where all the funds raised goes to supporting their good cause.

Come prepared

To guarantee a great time at the Bowen 10s Carnival, you’ll need to come prepared. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated as you cheer and support your favourite team, as well as a bunch of snacks to keep your energy high. 

Put on sunscreen to stay safe from the sun and stay under shade, away from the strong sun UV rays as much as possible. Don a hat and some sunglasses to protect your head and eyes from the sun.

And don’t forget to wear your team colours in support of their efforts. Great spirit and cheer will be greatly appreciated and could even motivate your team to win the Bowen’s 10s Carnival this year! Wear their merchandise and sport their jerseys in full support of your favourite senior rugby team.

The After Party

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the rugby does. Head to the after party held at the Grand View Hotel, sponsors of the Bowen’s Summer Rugby 10s Carnival.

Providing a courtesy bus that will run pickups from Denison Park to the door of the Grand View Hotel, take on the opportunity to hang out with your favourite players and embrace a delicious meal from a specially curated a la carte menu while enjoying free live entertainment by popular local artists.

Decadent dishes include the freshest locally caught seafood paired with mouthwatering salad and hot chips, international cuisines such as Italian, Asian and Mediterranean, premium steaks cooked to perfection on the grill, and more await your satisfaction. The extensive range of fresh, crisp cold beer on tap from local and international breweries await you along with the range of wines and spirits alike. With so much variety, there’s something for everyone. 

Rest assured, the atmosphere of the Bowen’s 10s Carnival After Party at the Grand View Hotel will be spectacular. Exceptional customer service, amazing company and a heartwarming welcome awaits you. Don’t miss out on the after party that makes the Bowen’s 10s Carnival an event to be remembered.

Courtesy bus services will also be running throughout the evening to ensure guests have a ride home. 

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