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Key Attractions in the Whitsundays

Key Attractions in the Whitsundays

Located in North Queensland, the Whitsundays is the depiction of paradise on Earth with spectacular views that will stun you backed by adventures that will make you feel so alive.

Remember that picture perfect image of paradise that you daydream about when you’re looking to escape into a peaceful bliss? Well, it exists. 

Located in North Queensland, the Whitsundays is the depiction of paradise on Earth with spectacular views that will stun you backed by adventures that will make you feel so alive.

The landscape spans across 74 islands with tropical coastline, bright blue coves, white sandy beaches, lush green rainforests, and breathtaking sunsets. And that’s just what’s above ground. Wait until you dive into the waters and immerse yourself into the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. Filled with colours that resemble a kaleidoscope, don’t forget to bring along a waterproof camera to snap shots of the colours on the reef.

Let’s dive into the must see attractions when you’re visiting the Whitsunday Islands.

1. Embrace Whitehaven Beach

Arguably Australia’s best beach, Whitehaven Beach offers soft silica sands and an amazing reef that makes snorkelling and diving incredible. The sunsets here are phenomenal, and to get the best views of the island, head to the lookout on Hill Inlet. You will need some time to hike up to the lookout, so be sure to account that into your planning. 

2. Discover Daydream Island’s Living Reef

Explore the Living Reef with a snorkel or diving gear as you follow a marine biologist to swim with over 100 species of fish and coral in this one of a kind underwater observatory on Daydream Island. If you have kids tagging along, take on this opportunity to sign them up for a hands on reef ranger program and enable them to get learning through an immersive experience that won’t be forgotten.

3. Enjoy Bowen

For those who have a weak spot for tropical fruit, you can’t miss out on devouring one of the best mangoes you’d of ever sunken your teeth into that awaits you in Bowen. Renowned for being Mango capital in Australia, there’s a big mango statue in honour of this title and a visitor centre that sells pretty much everything mango related.

Sweeten your day with a visit to the infamous Horseshoe Bay as you clock in some beach time with a swim and snorkel, enjoying the fringing reefs that are just offshore. 

Make the most of your journey here and experience some history in Bowen by having a meal at the Grand View Hotel. The establishment was once host to the likes of Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, having featured in the iconic movie set of ‘Australia’. The beer garden also holds a curious history of a yacht named ‘GRETE’ built in 1937 Denmark that was abandoned in Bowen Boat Harbour. 

Not to mention the amazingly delicious food that offers an unbeatable dining experience made from the freshest seafood and local produce. Other delights include premium quality steaks grilled just the way you like it alongside a range of specially curated dishes by professional chefs. 

The Grand View Hotel is nestled by the waterfront, offering great views of the Whitsundays. Don’t miss out on the experience and make a booking by calling (07) 4786 4022.

4. Follow the Ngaro Sea Trail

Explore your way along the Ngaro sea trail which features several underwater sculptures including the manta rays at Hook Island, the turtle at Langford Island, the Maori Wrasse at Hayman Island, and Indigenous rock art at the Nara Inlet’s Ngaro Cultural Site. 

It’s a unique trail unlike any other, blending the coastal walks with the seaway with camping areas along the trail for those boating or kayaking. Your exploration options are limitless, with the added opportunity to spend a day connecting with indigenous culture by going on a Ngaro Indigenous Cultural Tour

5. Island hop in a kayak

Get a hands on experience by island hopping the Whitsundays in a kayak adventure headed by Salty Dog Sea Kayaking. With the choice of a half day, full day or a marathon 6 day tour that allows you to camp on secluded islands on your way, your options are flexible to suit your schedule.

Getting into the waters of the Whitsundays gives you one of the best perspectives of tropical paradise, being an oasis filled with marine life and natural beauty. And being in a kayak to obtain that gives you a sense of achievement unlike any other, with the hard work you put into getting to the islands paying off in an unforgettable experience backed by magnificent views.