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Our restaurant menu consists of your favourite pub style meals along with changing weekly specials (please see in house for these) which feature fresh local seafood, prime cuts of meat and seasonal local fruit and vegetable.

The Bowen fish markets are only 500 metres away from the hotel! So this means the seafood that enters our kitchen is the best of quality that is caught from the Great Barrier Reef and purchased daily.

Bowen is also famous for its rich agricultural land and grazes some of the healthiest cattle'. Known as the 'fruit bowl of the north', Bowen grows some of the best quality fruit and vegetable in Australia.

We are lucky enough to not only house some of our very own home grown Chefs but have also acquired a few from all over the globe. Mixing the local and overseas cooking talent gives us a modern and creative edge breaking constant ground in our ever changing weekly specials. Most of our chefs have been working with us for years and pride themselves in creating delicious and interesting dishes using Bowen's abundant supply of fresh local produce.

Our restaurant staff are friendly and experienced and offer an extremely high level of service.

If you are looking for a venue with a great atmosphere, a casual vibe and stunning surroundings, combined with mouth watering meals and excellent service, the Grand View Hotel is waiting to welcome you!


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