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5 Secret Swimming Spots in Far North Queensland

5 Secret Swimming Spots in Far North Queensland
on 01 September 2020 in Travel & Livestyle

With the hottest seasons just around the corner, the need to find a cool place to dip can become a priority for many. After all, there isn’t much else that’s more refreshing than making your way into fresh, cool waters on a hot, sweaty summer day.

So, if your idea of the perfect holiday involves magnificent views, secluded beaches and crystal clear waters without the crowd, this list of the 5 best kept secret swimming spots in Far North Queensland will have you hooked for more.

1. Queens Beach in Bowen, QLD

One of the longest beaches in North Bowen, Queens Beach is a tropical dream. With over a 5 kilometres stretch of white sand, beach goers are given the peace that should come with every place of paradise. It’s easy to find a quiet spot to enjoy a beachfront barbecue, a picnic, or even just a place to simply chill.

Due to the attractive features of Queens Beach, it makes for a great place to bring the kids along, and you will find families rocking up, especially on weekends and school holidays.

Given how far up North it is, the location is perfect to soak up a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Picturesque views of sparkling clear waters await you. Queens Beach is a little unique in the sense that it does go slightly beyond just being a beach. With a shared walkway and bicycle track that runs along it, there is the option to go along the exercise circuit and even to surf a kite at a popular kite surfing spot. 

2. Horseshoe Bay in Bowen, QLD

A well kept Queensland secret, Horseshoe Bay is one of the iconic destinations that signifies the perfect beach for a getaway. Framed by gigantic granite outcrops protecting a 150 metre long cove, the scene that is set is nothing short of magnificent.

With crystal clear waters that are perfect for snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, a day at Horseshoe Bay is guaranteed to be a relaxing one, fun for the whole family. Pack a picnic for lunch, or simply leave it all up to the experts at the Horseshoe Bay Cafe and Beach Bar. 

3. Grays Bay in Bowen, QLD

Not far from Horseshoe Bay, you’ll find Grays Bay in the southern end of Queens Bay. This beach is one of North Queensland’s hidden gems. Albeit smaller in size compared to the rest, the white sands and azure water will captivate you especially as the sun sets.

The setting makes it perfect for watersports such as paddle boarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, kayaking, and canoeing. It’s also a popular spot for launching your boats and jet skis.

For those looking to go in for a dip, take precaution as the landscape of Grays Bay is full of rocks and coral that can cause injury when getting into the waters.

4. Murray Bay in Bowen, QLD

Only a short drive south from Horseshoe Bay, you’ll find Murray Bay nestled in a secluded spot. This hidden gem is spacious, with coconuts trees lined up along the beach protecting strong winds from exposing you to the bite of the wind.

The view is spectacular, with pristine waters that are clear and safe for a swim. Head in for a snorkel or a dive to see the best of the Great Barrier Reef in untouched seclusion with low foot traffic. The area makes for a decent place to fish, however, do take precaution as there may be swimmers and divers around the area. 

Getting to Murray Bay may be a bit of an adventure, as you’ll have to drive down a short dirt road that will leave your car a little dusty. But, every speck of dust is worth it given the reward being a secluded slice of paradise. 

5. Rose Bay in Bowen, QLD

One of the most gorgeous views you’ll ever get of Gloucester Island, a visit to Rose Bay is a must for those Instagram-worthy shots. The beach itself is full of white sands that face East, guaranteeing the marvellous hues of sunset.

What makes Rose Bay stand out even more is in how the 100 metre long beachfront is protected by headlands of granite on its side. Come during low tide to ponder upon lucky finds of rock pools to enjoy, or aim for a summertime visit to draw the lottery to spot flat back and green turtles hatching on Rose Bay beach.

What to Do in Bowen, Far North Queensland

Searching for a piece of paradise isn’t where the adventure stops. After all, a truly magnificent experience is built upon a fulfilled belly.

That’s where the Grand View Hotel steps in to ensure an experience of a lifetime. Nestled in Bowen, where all the magnificent secret beaches of Far North Queensland are hidden, the Grand View Hotel operates as Queensland’s oldest licensed pub.

With exceptional food followed by excellent views of Moreton Bay, the facilities and wide array of craft beers will simply delight. The pub boasts Queensland’s favourite beer garden followed by the freshest local caught seafood and irresistibly juicy steaks cooked to perfection. Beef cheeks that melt in your mouth, spaghetti primavera that will take you back to Italy, freshly made desserts by expert chefs, and so much more. 

Enjoy live music, great company, amazing customer service, and a good immersion of local culture at the Grand View Hotel. 

Oh, and did we mention that the movie Australia starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman was filmed here? Well, now you know! 

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