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Six Towns to Visit While Travelling North Queensland’s Coastline

Six Towns to Visit While Travelling North Queensland's Coastline
on 15 October 2020 in Travel & Livestyle

With restrictions in Queensland continuing to ease, it’s now a better time than ever to start exploring our own backyard. When it comes to looking for a great holiday in Queensland, most of us will look toward North Queensland’s Coastline. Filled with a lush green rainforest that meets pristine beaches by the Great Barrier Reef, a North Queensland holiday guarantees fantastic landscapes and picturesque views that many can only dream of.

Here are 6 coastline towns you must visit during your next North Queensland holiday.

1. Cairns

The most popular hotspot in North Queensland, Cairns is nestled right at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef offering extensive options to snorkel and dive around the area. With so much activity happening in this city, beginners can learn how to dive with PADI courses in the deep blue sea. 

The Esplanade that lines up to the coast is a peaceful place to unwind, with spectacular sunset views while you watch sailboats rock in with their catches of the day. Settle in for dollar oysters by the bay and enjoy the art sculptures and statues that are scattered all over the Esplanade.

If you’re aching for a shop, The Piers shopping centre sits at one end of the Esplanade, giving you a unique waterfront shopping experience. 

2. Bowen 

For those who want the best of the Great Barrier Reef without the spoilt aspect of heavy foot traffic, Bowen is a must-visit. Crowned as the northern jewel of the Whitsundays, Bowen is full of pristine bays, palm-fringed beaches, and that warm tropical climate that brings in all the fish.

Beyond unparalleled marine life, Bowen is also renowned for its mango harvests and home to the Big Mango statue. Make it a point to grab a mango smoothie or sorbet along with a Big Mango souvenir to remember the place.

To get the best views, make it to the top of Flagstaff Hill, which promises 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding bays, the hinterland behind you, and you’ll even be able to spot some islands of the Whitsundays on a clear sky. 

For an exceptional dining experience, head to the Grand View Hotel where you will be spoiled for choice of freshly caught seafood, the juiciest steaks, authentic Italian food, freshly made desserts, and many more local delicacies. Admire the waterfront as you indulge in a decadent feast with some cold, icy beers on tap to help you relax and enjoy.

3. Kuranda

Kuranda is quietly tucked into the high hills of the hinterland rainforest behind Cairns. With views of luscious greenery that surrounds you with fantastic lookouts to soak in the coastline beneath you, the excitement doesn’t end there with the Kuranda local markets along with the town’s colourful, quirky shops and characters to entertain. 

4. Mareeba

Offering exceptional boutique coffee, Mareeba is the biggest town in the hinterland side of Cairns. There is an intriguing history that is displayed nicely in the heritage museum, which adjoins the visitor centre.

To get better views of the area, go on a hot air balloon activity or explore nature, such as the wetlands or Granite Gorge, in Mareeba. 

5. Atherton Tablelands

Rolling hills that set the scene for magnificent rainforest walks, the Atherton Tablelands is one of the prettiest places in Australia.

A quirky historic town with boutique local producers with specialties ranging from chocolate to cheese, the atmosphere is only amplified by the amazing waterfalls that surround the town. 

In the Atherton Tablelands, you will find yourself smack in the centre of national parks and the freshest dairy you’ll get in the state. 

6. Weipa

If you’re looking for somewhere to fish in North Queensland, Weipa is the place to be. With an abundance of marine life with a terrific coastal front, anglers flock the town in hopes of catching some barramundi, coral trout, blue salmon, break, and so much more. After all, Weipa is known to be one of the Barramundi Capitals of the world. 

Weipa is also home to a fantastic resort known as the Albatross Bay Resort, with a Western coastline view that closely rivals the Eastern coastline. Plus, with all the fresh seafood resulting from epic fishing, it’s easy to envy food quality here. 

Banner image credit: Cairns Holiday Homes