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Punters Club

Register before Thursday 28 January for your chance to win!
28 January - 10 June
09:00 AM - 18:00 PM
Grand View Hotel Bowen

Are you a keen punter? Join our exclusive Punters Club and feel the thrill of winning alongside your mates. The punting action will kick off on Thursday 28 January, and will take place every week until Thursday 10 June - that's 19 weeks of betting fun! 

How does it work?

Good question! To be a part of our Punters Club, you will be required to pay a weekly membership fee of $20 (5 weeks to be paid upfront by Thursday 28 January). Each week, two members will be nominated as the 'punters' and will be required to select an event to bet on that falls between a Friday and Monday. 

At the conclusion of the 19 weeks, the pot will be split evenly amongst all members. Oh, and we will be hosting a very exclusive and complimentary wrap up party (just another excuse to join!). 

How to register?

To register, see staff at the GVH where they will collect the 5 weeks payment upfront, along with your contact details (including your mobile number so that a weekly update can be provided).

Rules to note: 

• Weekly fees must be paid every Thursday by 9pm. If weekly payments are not made, you will be eliminated (no refunds will be made for paid weekly fees).

• The weekly funds will be halved and used to place the bets selected by the nominated weekly punters.

• Bets are to be placed between Monday and Friday ahead of the weekend, and must be placed prior to the selected event taking place.

• Bets are to be placed at the GVH, however if you're not able to make it to the venue on any particular week, you may place your bet with Pete O’Toole via 0407 500 349.

• To be able to bet again, you must beat your opponent and win back more money than what you started with.

• All bets will be placed at the Grand View Hotel’s TAB facility.

• Registrations close at 9pm on Thursday 28 January 2021. Registrations after this date will not be accepted. 

For any questions regarding our Punters Club, please reach out to our Venue Manager, Pete O'Toole, on 0407 500 349 or call (07) 4786 4022.


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